Much of the original detailed history of the Three Crowns has unfortunately been lost over time.  The first official listing of the inn appears in the 'Ancient and Historical Monuments – Salisbury V1 ' which states -


'Three Crowns Inn, of two storeys with brick and flint walls and with a tiled roof, is of the late 18th early 19th Century, plasterwork in some ground-floor rooms appears to be earlier 18th-Century reset.'


Contrary  to the listing date given above, it is believed that the Three Crowns and lower floors of the Old Mill House, now flats, are much earlier, and more likely to be 15th Century like that of the cottages opposite.


It is also mentioned in ‘The Buildings of England’ – Nikolaus Psvsner, and 'Plan of the Parish of Harnham 1787  O/S map 1900'


Adorning the walls and ceiling of the lounge and dining room are a series of plaster mouldings and plaques which would grace any Georgian mansion.

No one can explain exactly how they came to be, but the two most realistic theories are that Italian Masons working on the nearby Cathedral, did the work to supplement their income and pay for board (almost identical work can been seen in the Cathedral Cloisters. The date given at 1720 and it is certain that Italian artists were working in the area around the time.)

The alternative theory is that some of the larger moldings were taken from

Wilton House, during in the 18th Century - when having a newer more

elaborate ceiling and the plaster masons at that time reset these in the Three Crowns.


In the 20th Century The Three Crowns Inn was extended by a single storey area with a flat roof- built where once stood a two story barn with thathcd partition.


In 2010 the Three Crowns ceased trading as a public house after severe water damage caused  by the leaking a water tank. The building fell into a state of sad neglect until 2015 when complete renovation occurred.


The mouldings and plaques some of which had been destroyed by the collapse of the lounge ceiling were remoulded and along with other recued original mouldings were painstakingly returned to their original positions - as seen today.

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